Crispy Bird Counter

Crispy Bird

Broad Ripple

Project Overview

Crispy Bird is another new concept for the restaurant group Patachou, Inc., located right in the heart of Meridian Kessler at 49th & Penn.  This “chicken-coop-chic” restaurant combines very

detailed finishes with functionality and durability, providing a space that both feels and looks great, as well maximizes its efficiency as a restaurant.

Project Highlights

Nuts & Bolts

Before tenant build-out could even begin, the Boaz team had to identify and address several issues and challenges presented by the conditions of the existing building.  They included failing structural supports, undersized utilities, mold from a leaking roof, asbestos materials, and a badly out-of-level concrete slab.  The entire structural of the building was re-built from the inside out to maximize usability and flexibility for current and future use.


The owners and designers for the project selected lots of natural wood finishes to achieve the look that was desired.  Cedar ‘car-siding’ was installed on all of the walls, custom banquette seating was built and upholstered and custom Indiana Ash table and countertops were milled, fabricated, and finished. 


With all of the wood finishes that were installed, careful attention was given to the new HVAC system that was installed.  Humidity control is critical to minimize movement in all of the wood. So, the Boaz team worked closely with the owners to install and implement some ways to keep humidity at a constant steady-state. 

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