Finish Work


Boaz Millworks is our custom cabinetry arm of Boaz Construction that can design, build, finish and install anything you can dream up. Our team of expert woodworkers use state of the art equipment and best practice techniques to create custom pieces built to last.

Our Indianapolis woodworking studio uses the latest dust extraction tools, ensuring a safe and clean environment for both manufacturing and installation. Sourcing local lumber and working with you on custom finishes, we will bring your vision to life.

Building Science

At Boaz Construction, our expertise in building science drives our commitment to excellence. Building science is the study of how various elements of a structure interact with each other and the environment. It involves understanding the behavior of building materials, the flow of heat and moisture, weather conditions, and occupants’ impact. Our goal is to ensure that the exterior elements stay outside and the interior environment remains protected and comfortable. By mastering these principles, we create buildings that are efficient, durable, and resilient.

Patent Pending Wall Design

The Boaz Wall represents a revolutionary advancement in construction technology, meticulously crafted by the skilled general contractors at Boaz Construction in Indianapolis. It serves as a fortified barrier, elevating the structural integrity and longevity of buildings to unprecedented levels.

Crafted with precision, The Boaz Wall surrounds cold-formed steel studs with robust plastic sills, forming a robust shield against environmental hazards. This innovative assembly not only safeguards against mold, corrosion, and rust but also has a structural life expectancy of up to 300 years. The Boaz Wall isn’t just a construction solution; it’s a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.