Old Major Market

Project Overview

Boaz Construction is thrilled to announce the completion of Old Major Market’s newest location within the prestigious Milky Way Complex, encompassing 4,337 square feet of thoughtfully designed space. This market and its commercial kitchen boast the innovative, bulletproof, and patent-pending Boaz Wall System, designed to ensure the highest quality and standards. Together with the use of ample lighting, strikingly tall ceilings,

and a state-of-the-art MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) overhaul, these key features reinforce Old Major’s category leadership in delivering exceptional, artisanal meats and handcrafted goods. The outcomes ensure that Old Major will continue to offer and even grow their special collections of local and sustainable meat to customers, both through their primer online store and for in-person pick-up, enhancing the brand’s successful farmer’s model for years to come.

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